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Beaches in Hvar island

The beaches in Island of Hvar are generally rocky - pebble, situated in bays, surrounded by pine forests. There are also several natural sandy beaches, mostly on the north side of the island due to fact that north winds ("bura") and sea waves are stronger then south waves and wind ("jugo"). Pebbles in pebble beaches are also mostly smaller in the bays on the north side beaches, and therefore more suitable for children. The shallow sandy beaches in deep bays can be found near Jelsa, in bay "Mlaska" near Sucuraj on the north side, and exceptionally on the south side of the island in beach "Cesminica" in Sucuraj.
But wherever you go you may be sure you will find perfectly transparent, clean unpolluted sea !

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The beaches around Hvar town



It is situated near Hvar town, 2.5 km to the east. It consist of 2 pebble beaches and white stone shore ("Bilo punta"), ideal for those who want to feel all the strength of Hvar sun.

There is an restaurant in the bay. You can get there walking or by boat.


The small village and bay Milna is 4 km east from Hvar town. There are 2 pebble beaches and pitoresque  pine forest with agava trees and vineyards.


  Along the bay there are two other bays also with pine forests - "Malo Borce" and "Veliko Borce". Milna is one of the oldest excursion getaways of Hvar town, established since the beggining of tourism in Hvar. Its relaxed rural nature is confirmed by old mansion from 17 century, built by the old noble Hvar family Ivanid.
There are several restaurants in Milna. There is an organised transfer by boats from Hvar harbour, and it is also possible to come by car or by foot.



Under the old abandoned village of Zarace, situated on the top of the stone rock (from the sea looking like a pirate nest), there is a deep bay with large pebble beach.

For the lovers of underwater sea life there are very interesting  pictoresque areas in this part of Hvar. There are several restaurant here. You can get here by car or boat.



The favorite Hvars ecxursion spot situated 8 km eastern form Hvar town, with a large pebble beach and wonderful underwater areas. Like a Milna, Dubovica also has a long "getaway" tradition. There is a restaurant there, and you can come by car or by boat.



The excursion place 8km east from city of Hvar, with a pebble beach and thick pine forest. Also there is a restaurant here. There are daily excursion trips organised from Hvar harbour.



St. Nedjelja
St. Nedjelja

Sveta Nedjelja

The settlement and excursion spot is 12 km away from Hvar to the east, it is best to come here by car. There are nice beaches along the shore as well as restaurants and pensions.


Jagodna (Bojanića Bad)


Somewhat more detached excursion area (13 km from Hvar to the east). There are several restaurant and pensions. It is possible to come here by car.

Beaches in Stari Grad

Several hundred meters from the center of town, there are 2 city beaches which you can reach by foot.

The beach Banj

Stari Grad Banj

pebble beach situated on the north side of the Stari Grad bay, it is apropriate for small children and also good for disabled persons. There are restaurant, and you can rent beach cheers.

On the south side of Stari Grad bay there is a beach Lanterna. It does have smaller pebble beach with steps for entering the sea. There are restaurant, showers, cheers and the locker rooms.


The bay Maslinica

Maslinica beach Stari Grad

is situated 2 km from the center near the Stari Grad ferry harbour.

It is the only sand beach in the Stari Grad bay area where you can come by car. There is a parking lost near bye.

In the rest of the smaller bays of the Stari Grad bay area you can come by driving a car along the peninsula Kabal, or by boat that you can rent in several renta boat agencies in Stari Grad, or by taxi boat which will transfer you to the bay of your choice.

Beaches in Jelsa

Mina Jelsa Beach


sandy bay which is about 500m from the center of Jelsa. Ideal for children.


sandy beach bay about 1.5 km away from Jelsa. It consists of 2 bays "Velo Grebišće" and Malo Grebisce".

Grebisce Jelsa beach

The bay of St. Luka

pebble beach, 4km east from Jelsa, also arheological finding spot from Roman times. There is a small church of St. Luka on the cape of the bay.


Vrboska beaches

The bay Maslinica

Soline Vrboska beach

is very popular beach with crystal clear sea.


- peninsula with several pebble beaches from the south side, and on the north side there are flat stones of naturaly square shapes.