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Jelsa, Hvar

The town Jelsa is located in the middle of the island of Hvar and is mild, clean and open hearted to the guests and travelers.
Jelsa is surrounded by the two highest mountains on the island - in the west St. Nikola, and in the east Hum. From the south side Jelsa is surrounded by mountains Vrh, Samotorac and Gozd from the north side it is protected from cold north winds by the hill Biokovo.

The start of tourism on the island going back deep into the past, to ancient times and the Middle Age. There are finds of the villae rusticae throughout the field of Hvar, and also economic buildings and summer cottages. Many adventurers, ethnologists and archaeologists visited the island and researched the herbs, minerals and the antique monuments in the Middle Age.

Jelsa, Hvar island
The organized tourism began with the founding of the Hygiene club Hvar under the leadership of the bishop Jurje Dubokovic. The hotel Jadran is the oldest hotel in Jelsa and it was opened in 1911.

A strong development of tourism and the construction of hotels, pensions, apartments restaurants, bars, discotheques and other tourist objects happened when the tourism became the most important economic branch on the island around 1970.

The cultural and historical treasury of Jelsa and the island Hvar consists of numerous monuments situated in: churches, parks, caves in the field, on squares etc.

The bays and capes are adequate for swimming. There are nice gravel beaches surrounded by pine forets, which offer you the necessary refreshment and shade during the summer heat. In 1991 the island of Hvar signed the declaration of the Middle Dalmatian islands - ecological clean area.

Discover Jelsa and the island Hvar as a sunny garden surrounded by clear sea and covered by a crystal blue sky!