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Hvar island, Croatia Hvar island climate
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Island Hvar Climate

The island is characterized by gentle winters, warm summers and many hours of sunshine, which allows bathing from May to November, and for the braver even longer. Gentle and moist winters (January in Hvar has an average temperature of 8.4° C) have many advantages, among other things enabling winter tourism in Hvar.
In the winter there are a windy days (jugo - the south wind), (bura - the north wind) and there are rainy days, but snow can fall once in 20 years. Infact, some hotels in Hvar offer free stay in case snow falls !

Maximum temperatures are never too high to render agriculture impossible (the highest recorded temperature of 37° C was reached in 1935).
The average annual air temperature is around 16.5° C, while autumns are warmer than springs, which prolongs the growing period. Thanks to this, vegetation in Island of Hvar is thick and of Mediterranean character, with lots of eterical plants. It is common to find more than 20 various kinds of plants in a few square meters.

Island Hvar climate
Island Hvar climate

Hvar has an annual average of 7.7 hours sunshine per day and 3.8 hours of cloud. (By comparison Dubrovnik has 7.0 hours of sunshine and 4.4 hours of cloud; Nice - south of France/ 7.2 and 4.2 respectively). A general belief in the health-giving effects of sunny regions led to the discovery of this "Adriatic Madeira" as early as the 19th century. It has the most hours of sunshine on the Adriatic coast, with as much as 2715 per year, and only small variations in temperature. "The Hygienic Society" was founded in 1868, and the first health hotel was opened in 1889, while The Centre for Allergies of the Croatian Academy of Arts and Sciences was founded in 1965.
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